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SKCDA Career Development Award of Excellence

SKCDA followed the Manitoba Career Development Association (MCDA) lead in establishing an award program that recognizes and celebrated the exceptional work Career Development Professional are doing in the province. We acknowledge the MCDA for their support and willingness to share their resource materials.

The SKCDA Career Development Award of Excellence was established in 2023. Our goal is to recognize an individual that has contributed to the overall advancement of career and workforce development in Saskatchewan. The award acknowledges accomplishments that have had lasting impact, demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and delivered exceptional results in the field of career development in Saskatchewan.

SKCDA understands the challenges, opportunities, and rewards inherent in the advancement of the field of career and workforce development. SKCDA recognizes the value of creativity and innovation, appreciates the complex demands of diverse environments. And recognize the role of Champions in the field who enhance the quality of career services in Saskatchewan.

The SKCDA Career Development Award of Excellence is looking for career development professionals that demonstrate commitment to two or more of the following elements:

  • Innovation and creativity in program development and/or service delivery.
  • Leadership and vision within their organization and/or career development community.
  • Development and/or support of ongoing professional learning opportunities.
  • Caring and competent professional(s) whose knowledge, skills and talents are valued by their clients and colleagues.

Nominations for the award are submitted by their peers. The application can be completed online or printed, completed, and mailed to 2127 12th Ave North Regina SK S4R 7J9 Attention: Award of Excellence. Nominations can be completed anytime. The deadline is May 15 of each year.

A Selection Committee is appointed by the SKCDA Board of Director to review the applications. The award is presented at the SKCDA Annual General Meeting in June of each year.

Nomination Guidelines are as follows:

  • Previous award nominees cannot be nominated again.
  • Nominees must be aware that they are being nominated for the award.
  • Nominators will be notified that their nomination application has been received.
  • You must be a member of SKCDA to nominate an individual.
  • The nominee does not need to be a member of SKCDA to be nominated.
  • The nominee selected will be awarded a token award estimated value of Fifty dollars and offered a free membership with SKCDA. The winner will be celebrated on our social media and website.

SKCDA encourages you to share the excellent work you and your peers are doing in Saskatchewan! This is your opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the excellence and leadership qualities of Career Professionals in Saskatchewan career development sector!

Career Development Award of Excellence Nominations Form

Award of Excellence (2022-2023)

Bernice McKen is 2023 winner of the 2023 SKCDA Award of Excellence. She lives in Yorkton and works for the Sask Abilities Council. Bernice clearly demonstrated, as a career professional, exceptional service with job seekers.

Other nominees were Laurie Dix and Colleen Courtney. They both are employed at Neil Squire Society, Regina.

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