By-Laws Of Saskatchewan Career Development (SKCDA)

Definition: By-Laws are a set of rules established by an organization or community to regulate itself, as allowed for by some higher authority. The higher authority generally is a government body.

ISC-Corporation Registry is a branch of government responsible, as part of their duties, to regulate all organizations requesting a non-profit status. As part of your application the organization must present their By-Laws.

SKCDA was registered as a non-profit with the Corporate Registry in 2015. We recruited career professionals to help write the SKCDA By-Laws. They provide the foundation of what we can do as an organization.

The SKCDA By-Law outline the ‘rules’ we follow. They include the following topics:

  • Our objectives.
  • Membership information.
  • The meetings required.
  • Who and what is our Board of Directors and committees.
  • Financial disclosure and record keeping requirements.

To download the information on SKCDA’s By-Laws, click here.

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