Alberta Career Development Practitioner Ann Nakaska recently served as Guest Editor on the Summer 2021 Edition of the Career Planning & Adult Development Network Journal.  The Managing Editor of the Journal, Stephen Beasley, passed away on July 3, 2021, and the issue is dedicated to his memory. The theme of the issue is “How we will work in the Future“, and there is free access to this issue through this link.  The text of her original Facebook post is included below. Other articles by Ann are available on LinkedIn.

Here is a list of the chapter titles and authors by section:


  • Introduction: Advanced Manufacturing and the Factory of the Future: A Metaphor for this journal: Steven Beasley with Ann Nakaska
  • Overview: Hope and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Norman Amundson


  • Ch 1 Automation: The Future of Work and Career Counselling: Charles Lehman
  • Ch 2 Augmented and Virtual Reality: Impact on Training and Education in the New Workplace: Ann Nakaska
  • Ch 3 The Trades and Services in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Mason Murphy
  • Ch 4 The Impact of Technology and Career Opportunities on Human Services Professionals: Ann Nakaska


  • Ch 1 STEM Careers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Filling the Skills Gap: Rodney A. McCloy and Betsy M. Wills
  • Ch 2 Leadership Disrupted: Re-skilling leadership to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Beyond: William J. Huffaker and Anitah L. Gombos
  • Ch 3 Career Development, Academic Integrity and Counterfeit Credentials: Understanding the Connections: Sarah Eaton
  • Ch 4 What we learned from the gig economy: Kelley Steven-Waiss and Edie L. Goldberg
  • Ch 5 Why the Chief Human Resources Officer should operate as the Chief Operations Officer of the Talent Supply Chain: Kelley Steven-Waiss
  • Ch 6 Finding your place in the work of the future: Morag Barrett, Linda Sharkey, and Louis Carter
  • Ch 7 Social Media: Building Community and Collaboration: Nancy Richmond
  • Ch 8 Uncertain Futures: Supporting Unemployed Mid-to-Late Career Adults with Schlossberg’s 4-S Transition Model: Jacqueline Peila Shuster
  • Ch 9 The Office of the Future: Physical Space, Protection and Place: Ann Nakaska


  • Ch 1 Racism and the Future of Work: Whitney Erby, Camille Smith, David Blustein, and Alekzander Davila
  • Ch 2 The Many Ways of Knowing Career Development: A Global Perspective: Brian Hutchison
  • Ch 3 Career Development Theory A Solution for Urbanization: An Examination of Career Development Processes in Developing Countries through CIP Theory: Qualandria Brookens, Khyati Verma, and Obianuju Orjioke
  • Ch 4 A Model for Career Development Practice in Singapore: Timothy His
  • Ch 5 Themes Shaping Career Development Practice in North America: A Case Study: Martha Canji and Laurie Carlson
  • Ch 6 Approaches to Career Assessment in Latin America: Amilkar A. Brunal and Alberto Puertas
  • Ch 7 Training Career Practitioners for a Virtual World: Deb Osborn, Casey Dozier, and Tristan Hyatt
  • Ch 8 Job Search of the Future: Katharine Brooks
  • Ch 9 Reinventing Career Services for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Jenn Long Leard
  • Ch 10 What Color is Your Parachute and Beyond: Career Coaching Future-Ready Clients, Disrupting the Cost-Quality-Access Triangle and Developing HEROICg Mindsets for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Rich Feller

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How We Will Work in the Future

by Ann Nakaska – introduction published on Facebook 2021-07-25
A year and a half ago I shared my NCDA conference article Imagination, Innovation and Career Opportunities of the Future on LinkedIn and the rest as they say is history. A wonderful man by the name of Steven Beasley contacted me and asked if I would like to co-edit a journal on How We Will Work in the Future.

Joy and Sorrow. I am over the moon excited to say that the journal is complete and has been launched out into the world. I am so honoured beyond words to have been given this amazing apportunity.

Sadly Steven passed away on July 3, 2021. What a legacy this man left behind and this journal is just one small part of it. Steven had an impressive career and was the managing editor for the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal for 20 years. This issue of the journal is dedicated to Steven. While he did not get to see the final version of the journal, he did get to see the a very rough draft. I know he would be proud.
I promised Steven I would complete the journal and make sure the journal was published. Many thanks to Richard Knowdell and Rich Feller Ph.D. who without their help, this journal would never have become a reality.

Many thanks to all the authors who contibuted a wealth of forward thinking information to help career practitioners guide their clients into the future workplace including
  • Norm Amundson – links to Hope Centred Career Group
  • Charles Lehman
  • Mason Murphy
  • Rod Mcloy
  • Betsy Wills
  • William Huffaker
  • Anitah Gombos
  • Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD
  • Kelley Steven-Waiss
  • Edie Goldberg
  • Morag Barrett – host of PeopleFirst podcast – hear interview with Ann Nakaska (2020-11-03)
  • Linda Sharkey
  • Louis Carter
  • Nancy Richmond
  • Jackie Peila-Shuster, PhD, LPC, NCC
  • Deb Osborn
  • Casey Dozier
  • Tristen Hyatt
  • Dr. Brian Hutchison aka Global Career Guy ~ PhD, LPC, CCCE
  • Martha Burchfield Canji, Ph.D.
  • Laurie Carlson
  • Alberto Puertas
  • Amilikar Brunal
  • Dr. Timothy K. Hsi
  • Qualandria Brookens, MS, PCLC
  • Kyhati Verma
  • Obianuju Orijoke
  • Kate Brooks
  • Whitney Erby
  • David Blustein
  • Camille Smith
  • Alekzander Davila
  • Jenn Leard, NCC, JCTC/JCDC
  • Rich Feller Ph.D. – links to author website – also associated with One Life Tools
Also special thanks to my technical writer/editor Susan Lorimer who put the spit and polish on our work and to Rebecca Ung and Dante Luu who took all our articles and created the amazing journal we see today.
Link to download Issue:…/4ffe3e3a-9252-46b4… 

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