There is a flyer available from the LifeStrategies website that lists the Table of Contents for the Career Development for Diverse Clients – Beyond the Basics book (Cognella Publishing).  Here are some of the authors involved:

  1. Alex Filippelli (supporting transgender folks in career transitions)
  2. April Dyrda (Maternity Leave Career Transitions)
  3. Avra Davidoff (Maternity Leave Career Transitions) –
  4. Briar Schulz (Disordered Eating in the Workplace) – linkedin
  5. Cassie Taylor (Social Activism in Context of Black Lives Matter)(Highly Educated Professionals) linkedin
  6. Clarence De Schiffart (Post-Secondary Students)(Career Navigation for People with a Criminal Record) Opening New Frontiers – Creating Hope in Midst of Chaos (2014)
  7. Dave Redekopp (Career Development and Mental Health) – CERIC Redekopp & Huston
  8. Diana Abath (Black/African Americans) – linkedin
  9. Dierdre Pickerell (Gig Workers) – linkedin | FacultyNews 2021-01-29 Yorkville | Articles LifeStrategies
  10. Glenda Lagasse (Students with Intellectual Disabilities Navigating the Post-Secondary Education System)
  11. Ines Montoya (Working with Immigrants) – MAPLE 2.0 Mentorship in Action | 2013-08-29 Article Maple 2.0 | Lakeland AUMA report | Go2HR article on Maple 2.0
  12. Jane Schmidt (Serving Clients in Remote Communities)
  13. Jennifer Luke (Encore Careers after retirement) – linkedin | CERIC Aging Workforce article | ACCELL
  14. Jennifer Sumner (Career Dev in Schools) (High Performance Athletes)
  15. Josephine Wong (Complex Layers of Women in Substance Abuse Treatment)
  16. Kristin Konieczny (High Performance Athletes) – linkedin | CCNM-Boucher Campus Counselling
  17. Laura Hambley (Maternity Leave Career Transitions)
  18. Meghan Hinckley (Clients with Illness or Injury)
  19. Michael Huston  (Career Development and Mental Health) – CERIC Redekopp & Huston
  20. Michael Partridge (LGBTQ2IA+Community)
  21. Michael Sorsdahl (LGBTQ2IA+Community)(Military Members)
  22. Michele Pankratz  (Women and Work)
  23. Miranda Vande Kuyt (Clients with Illness or Injury) – LearnOnlineBlog.LifeStrategies | Plight of the Trailing Spouse (CERIC)
  24. Mohit Bassi (Career Counselling Immigrants: Interdisciplinary Considerations) – ThriveClinics
  25. Nadia G. Serry (Literacy in the Workplace)(English-Language Learners in the Canadian Labour Market)(Multilingual Workplace)
  26. Neil Smith (Transitioning to Retirement)
  27. Paula Wischoff Yerama (Military-to-Civilian Career Transition) – CERIC articles | Interview w Raza Abbas
  28. Roberta Borgen (International/Global Careers)(Examining our Context) (High Performance Athletes)(Highly Educated Professionals) CERIC Neault | Borgen
  29. Rod Palmer (Program Exemplar – In Motion & Momentum: Building Resilience, Hope and Sustainable Futures) – IMMPLUS.CA
  30. Sophie Mathers (Training Indigenous Employment Counsellors: A Cultural Issue?) Pinasuutitsaq Intervention Guide for CDPs working with Inuit (vimeo) | Reference Guide (2016)
  31. Suzanne Klinga  (Program Exemplar – In Motion & Momentum: Building Resilience, Hope and Sustainable Futures) 
  32. Syeda Farheen Hassany (Muslim Career Considerations)(Social Activisim in Context of Black Lives Matter)
  33. Tannis Goddard (Serving Clients in Remote Communities) –
  34. Tony Botelho (Post-Secondary Students) – 10Q profile CERIC | 
  35. Tracey Campbell (Displaced Workers)
  36. Trina Maher (Engaging in Career Conversations with Indigenous Peoples)

I believe some of the authors will be participating in the Nov 16/21 Panel Discussion hosted by the SKCDA.  In the coming days, we will blog more information about each of the contributors to bring greater awareness about the contributors.

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