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Update on The National Certification for Career Development Professionals
Date: Feb 7
Time: 10:30-12
Presented by: The Nova Scotia Career Development Association ( Lindsay Guitard, Ashley Halverson & Tara Deveau)

Description: What is a Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP)? – A CCDP® is a
professional who has gained their designation by adhering to The National Competency
Profile for Career Development Professionals. It confirms industry-standard skills and a
commitment to ethical practices, formalizes their proficiency, and instills public trust.
Maintaining this designation simplifies the communication of expertise to clients and

During this session, you will learn how Career Development Professionals (CDPs)
currently obtain and maintain their designation, their contribution to developing and
launching a new National Competency Profile, and how future CDPs can receive their

The National Career Development Certification (NCAC) project is a multistakeholder
initiative to create and deliver a CCDP® program accessible to all Canadians.
Canadians working within the Career Development Sector can become a CCDP®
through an assessment process based on a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) model
to assess competency.
Throughout the next hour, the members of the Career Certification team will walk you
through the following:

1. RPL competency-based assessment process for National Certification.
2. Responsibilities of maintaining the CCDP® designation.
3. Current timeline to launch the full program.
4. How can the existing CCDP® transition from provincial to national? (Legacy)

Participants are welcome to ask questions throughout this session at any time, and
there will be allotted time at the end to ask and engage in further discussion.
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Wellness and the Career Professional
Date: March 27, 2023
Time: TBA
Presented by: Neil Squire
Description: TBA
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