Episode 10: Access Your Allies (Janet Uchacz-Hart & Aaron Adair, Saskatoon Industry Education Council)

The SKCDA Podcast team interviews Janet Uchacz-Hart (Executive Director) and Aaron Adair (Program Coordinator) from the Saskatoon Industry Education Council.  
The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council (SIEC) is a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and Saskatoon area youth. Through a partnership among business, K-12, and post-secondary schools, unique hands-on career exploration events, and programs are designed and delivered to students, helping them find a career that connects their passion and natural talents with current and future workforce needs. (Source: SIEC)


Janet Uchacz-Hart
Janet has been an educator for over 31 years and has been fortunate to work with the Saskatoon Industry Education Council for over 10 years. It is great to see industry and education come together to give young people the opportunity to find their career path when so many options are available to them. It is very rewarding to work with so many passionate and exceptional people who come together as a community with this common goal. (Source: LInkedin)


Aaron Adair
Aaron is a Program Coordinator with the Saskatoon Industry Education Council since 2018.  He worked as a teacher with Saskatoon Public Schools for 16 years before joining SIEC. (Source: Linkedin)


Saskatoon Industry Education Council:
Features include:

  • Mind Over Matters – The Mind Over Matters initiative evolved as a response to the increased need for mental health education in schools. This webpage was created to provide educators with a one stop-shop to mental health programming to be used in their classrooms.
  • Spotlight on Careers – Spotlight on Careers is an opportunity for secondary students to explore potential future career paths. 
  • Skills Bootcamps – Students in grades 10 through 12 have the opportunity to gain hands-on skill development and career training while working alongside industry professionals.
  • Summer Youth Internship Program – The Summer Youth Internship Program provides youth in grades 11 & 12 considering a career in the trades an opportunity for real world work experience.
  • Newcomer Youth Engagement Program: The Newcomer Youth Engagement Program is an intensive language development program located in Saskatoon schools.
  • Contact 360 (“A Candy Store for CDP’s”- J. Thomas) Resources to support youth, adults, educators and career practitioners in the advancement of life and work transitions in Saskatchewan.  It is a 360 degree view of career development!
  • Relevance Magazine: Relevance is an annual magazine providing career and labour market information for Saskatchewan youth.  Includes annual Job Chart – UseJob Chart 2022 to explore jobs, wages, most commonly sought work requirements by employers, and training & education routes.
  • employABILITY: This resource provides students with the skills they need to stand out to potential employers through employment skill sessions including resumé writing, interview skills, soft skills, and networking.- Google Docs link
  • Contact Conference (May 3 & 4, 2022) – Saskatchewan’s Annual Career Development Conference for Professional Career and School Counsellors, Career Practitioners, Educators, and HR Professionals.
  • SaskMoney: This is a one-stop-shop for educators working to increase students’ financial literacy skills. This Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) program is built by teachers to provide resources and activities that connect directly to 42 modules in Saskatchewan’s Financial Literacy 20/30 curriculum.

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